Do You Need A Cat Collar?

Cat Wearing Collar

If you are a new cat owner, you might be wondering if the new little furry member of your family needs a cat collar. Here are a few things to think about that will help you make a decision:

1. Recovering Your Cat If She Is Lost

The most important reason you should consider getting a cat collar is if your cat happens to go astray, it will be easier for it to get back home. Even if she is an inside cat, there is always the chance that she could wander out of an open door or window to enjoy a hot summer day when you are not looking. If a neighbor or animal control were to find her, it would be easier for them to bring her back home to you by looking at the information on her collar (tag).

2. Retrieval

All cats are different and have different personalities. You may find that your cat likes to dash for the back door when it sees it open. Maybe it likes to sneak into an area in the house that you’d prefer to not have it roam. If the cat has a collar, it will be a lot easier for you to retrieve it and get it back to safety.

3. Walking

Some of you may laugh, but others are thinking that their cat will be a great companion on their walk. In this case, it’s obvious that you’ll need a collar, but you may want to also look into a harness style one so it’s not as hard on her neck when she pulls.

4. Simple Decoration

Maybe you have an indoor cat that shows absolutely no interest in doing anything but cuddling, but you just want to add a little pink collar to your little kitty princess. You can find a ton of great looking collars for cats, especially for females. Of course, if this is your sole purpose for a cat collar, it will still serve the purpose for the reasons above.

Ultimately, it is better to be safe than sorry and getting a cat collar definitely helps to increase the safety (and may I add) beauty of your cat.