How To Give Your Cat A Bath: Steps For Safety & Success

cat bath photo 2Aside from an occasional swat into the goldfish bowl, it’s quite obvious that cats don’t like water, so you can imagine what an ordeal it can be to try and give your cat a bath. Typically, cats keep themselves pretty clean and often don’t even need to be bathed if they are an indoor cat, but sometimes they may get themselves into a mess outside and a bath is necessary.

Follow these Steps For Bath Preparation

1. Prepare Bathtub and Bathroom

The first thing you’re going to want to do is prepare your bathtub and bathroom area in case a chaotic cat fight ensues. If you have a rubber mat that goes on the bottom of the tub, it might be a good idea to use it. If the cat is frightened from the water alone, then she will only be that much more disturbed if she starts slipping and sliding around in the tub.

2. Protect The Floor

Next, you’ll want to protect the floor from the possible flood from you and the kitty splashing around. Folding up a few thick towels and laying them in front of the tub should do the trick.

3. Have Shampoo & Towel Ready

Also, make sure you have the cat shampoo ready and a separate towel to wrap your cat in when the bath is done. You want to make this process as fast as possible for the both of you. ya.

Follow These Steps For Shampooing And Bathing The Cat

1. Use A Gentle Shampoo

It’s important to use cat shampoo that is going to be gentle on their skin, especially the first time they’re receiving a bath. It’s highly recommended that you buy actual pet shampoo and ask advice from your vet.

2. Prepare For Harmful Reaction

If you have a cat that’s typically not too much of a wild one, chances are that she will settle down fairly quickly even if she’s scared. However, some cats are deadly frightened the first few times and try to make a mad dash for anywhere but the tub.

3. Gently Bring The cat Into The Tub

Be very gentle with both your touch and your tone when bringing her into the tub. Once you put her in the water, start the bathing right away starting at her tail. This will give her a little extra time to deal with the situation.

4. Wrap Up

Once the bathing is finished, be sure to wrap her in a towel as soon as you take her out of the water. Cats’ body temperature will decrease rapidly so you do not want her wet for too long after the bath. After you dry her off well, make sure you take some time to give her a lot of praise and treats to let her know that you appreciate the cooperation. That way there’s a good chance it will get easier the next few times.