Is The Litter Box In A Convenient Place?

Japanese litter boxA while back I was researching why the cat was not using the litter box as it should, and following a tip I got from Sally E. Bahner greatly helped fixed the problem.

According to Sally, “the location of the litter box needs to be convenient for your cat, not to you”.

I learned that this is so true because eventually I started placing the litter box in a place that was more convenient to the cat I saw great improvement her litter box use.

You may be making the mistake of placing the box in a location that’s convenient to you, rather than the cat.

To many cat owners the convenient place to place the box is as far away as possible. That may be in the garage or the basement where it is easier to forget about keeping it clean and monitoring the cat’s habits in using the box.

If the box is in a hidden place, you would not be able to tell if the cat may be straining when urinating or defecating. Likewise, a covered litter box is also easy to overlook in terms of scooping and may trap odors, discouraging use by the cat.

Image credit: Ocdp